Welcome to the Appalachian Transition to Teaching Program

Whether you have just graduated from a four-year college or you graduated some time ago, have been "out in the working world", or have been staying at home with the family for many years, you can still join the vital and noble profession of teaching. What could be more essential and gratifying than teaching a new generation of children?

teacher and student in classroomThe Appalachian Transition to Teaching Program (ATTP) was born of the realization that graduates of four-year programs who did not get their teaching licenses while undergraduates and now want to teach, may need assistance navigating the often-confusing process of completing their requirements for "Alternative Teacher Licensure".

  • The ATTP helps "Licensure Only" students, who complete their coursework before beginning teaching. 
  • The ATTP also can help "Lateral Entry" teachers, who are already teaching while taking courses concurrently.

First, we help each candidate consider factors such as what subjects and grade levels they wish to teach, ongoing family obligations, where they live, how far they are willing to travel for classes, financial concerns, whether they are currently employed, whether they want to attend classes full-time or part-time day or night, and how committed they are to the rigors of this challenging undertaking.

Then we guide them through the process of requesting an evaluation and securing an approved Program of Study. This may be through a college or university such as Appalachian State University or through the Regional Alternative Licensing Center (RALC).

If you've always dreamed of being a teacher, it's not too late! Please contact Dr. N. Jordan with any questions.